DGF is a brand division of Darlinghurst Enterprises, LLC., a Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA based company. Though DGF was founded as an American garment factory, the Darlinghurst Garment Factory is now focused exclusively on European production and Indian embroidery. Full, free, on site childcare and meals are provided as a benefit to all employees. A state of the art manufacturing facility is opening in France for all internal and external luxury production. While the new facility is being built and outfitted with new machines, a 35-person workshop is opening at a Regus Paris office center. The temporary workshop will have 10 sewing machines and ample workspace for couture orders and is being overseen by the new Production Officer.






USA - operations, design, and patternmaking

FRANCE - internal and external production

INDIA - embroidery


All project management takes place online with a universal database listing fabric type, tech packs, timelines, due dates, and milestones to promote efficiency. All patternmaking is done in New York City, USA to ensure standardized results in all external project locations as well as an English speaking hub for worldwide brands. All cut/sew employees enjoy full freedom to pick projects according to their preferences and interests, whether machine or by hand. Variety is a key value for the seamstresses and this results in much higher quality production results. DGF specializes in just in time process efficiency throughout the beautiful and fascinating fashion supply chain

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