DGF is committed to promoting the values of master artisanship. To this end, DGF is proud to maintain its commitment to working parent artisans and continues to provide 100% free room, meals, and on-site childcare seven days a week. As a result of recent deals, DGF is now closing its Savannah location in June 2019 and focusing on its new global headquarters in Paris opening in Summer 2019 and its American factory in Detroit also opening in Summer 2019. External projects are accepted from other luxury fashion labels that wish to utilize DGF’s one-stop-shopping, manufacturing, and logistics services. We are equipped to help large brands as well as small brands and can do everything from a 25,000 piece collection run to a 20 piece run to a just-in-time manufacturing run for a negotiable monthly retainer based on revenue and per-item cut/sew fee. In practice, this means that external companies can save on all production runs; we can produce clothes the same day or the next day based on online orders. This is good for the environment and good for designers, as no-waste and highly sustainable apparel manufacturing principles are followed at all times. Every aspect of online store management is available as well. A customer can place an order at 5 pm on Sunday, we can have the product made on the spot on Monday, pack it in your packaging, and mail it no later than Monday. We can even handle fabric ordering at very fair prices due to our strong relationships with textile manufacturers around the world.

Employees are treated with grace, dignity, and respect for their fundamental human rights, and are paid extremely well. A diversity of project options are available at all times. All workers have the freedom to choose their projects of interest and are never ‘assigned’ tasks. This freedom allows for the best creative work to take place and this open structure creates a systematic assembly line to achieve the goal of a one day lead time for ready to wear and a one week timeline for couture in the Japanese just-in-time manufacturing tradition. All positions are on a contract basis with superb benefits.



NB Charismatic, good looking Parsons or Central St. Martins graduates with aspirations of their own luxury label are especially encouraged to apply for a fully backed opportunity to incubate their own fashion label with business and manufacturing support from the firm. We are looking for people with the personality of Isaac Mizrahi, the good looks of Tom Ford, and the work ethic of Madame Gres—people who are going to be the next crop of commercial fashion stars in their concentration area. DGF is design-focused but concentration-unfocused, so we accept people in childrenswear, women’s lingerie, women’s sportswear, women’s eveningwear, women’s bridalwear, men’s sportswear, men’s eveningwear, tailoring, costume jewelry, fine jewelry, accessories, shoes, and interior design. We are particularly keen to bring in sportswear and menswear designers. Those who commit to a 3 year factory contract will be offered a guaranteed 50 year licensing contract to incubate their fashion label under the holding company, Darlinghurst Enterprises.


CEO - Misha

Production Manager - Charles

Logistics Manager - Andrew

Sales Manager - Jane

Software - Monday.com

Seamstresses (Upwork) - 29

Seamstresses (Contract) - 26

Seamstresses (Students) - 9

Savannah Childcare Leader - Kiki