DGF is committed to promoting the values of master artisanship. To this end, DGF is proud to maintain its commitment to working parent artisans and continues to provide 100% free room, meals, and on-site childcare seven days a week. As a result of recent deals, DGF is now closing its Savannah location and focusing on its new global headquarters in Paris with 50+ full-time employees in Summer 2019 and its American factory in Detroit that is expected to hire up to 200+ employees in Summer 2019; external projects are accepted from other luxury fashion labels who wish to utilize DGF’s one-stop-shopping manufacturing and logistics services and are able to pay upfront. DGF also has an embroidery service partner in Mumbai signed onto a 15 year contract, ensuring stability season to season. The main goals are to revitalize French design manufacturing, to keep French couture alive, and to promote sustainable fashion.

All employees are expected to be fully trained in hand sewing and hand embroidery for the Couture collections for both labels, as well as proficient in machine sewing for Ready to Wear collections to be shipped around the world on time and in a systematic fashion. DGF requires all seamstress teammates possess a diploma or degree and pass a substantial number of proficiency exams to ensure the absolute highest quality.

One luxury label and one haute couture label is produced at DGF in the same atelier, which streamlines the process and enhances quality, meaning a diversity of project options at all times. Using a similar approach as the Kirkland Ellis global legal project platform, all teammates are able to pick which projects they want to do and are given clearly outlined milestones and objectives to be met on a daily basis. This structure provides guidance to all and creates a systematic assembly line to achieve our goal of a one day lead time for ready to wear and a one week timeline for couture, as well to work toward our longer-term goal of just-in-time manufacturing in the Japanese tradition.

Regular weekly performance reviews with bonuses incentivizes top performance at both locations that are opening. In lieu of salaries, pay is based on project completion via performance, efficiency, precision, and speed. The faster and better the work gets done, the sooner payment is made; in cases where people do very well, this means being paid twice a week, but if they are lazy, it means being paid once a month. A detailed chart is available for perusal when an interview offer is made. Wages are much higher than any competitor firms worldwide, with DGF workers having the ability to make a competitive six figures per year if they work hard. DGF believes strongly that workers should be able to afford the products that they are making.

Perhaps the biggest perk of working for DGF is the fact that we are offering creche options starting from age 3 weeks to ensure people are well rested; nurses are on standby for all company children 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No more waking up in the middle of the night and showing up to work exhausted! For older children, a shuttle service will take all company children to and from school; a full nanny service for all ages offers an on-site after school supervision, meals, and sports set of programs every day until 10 pm. Company couples are highly encouraged, with the men taking on supply chain, logistics, and management positions, and the women taking on seamstress positions; husbands or partners of seamstresses receive priority job consideration. The factory itself will be open from 3 am to 10 pm, seven days a week, in both Paris and Detroit providing competitive shift work options and flexibility.

We offer worldwide hiring to anyone with ability, desire to do well, and a strong work ethic. The factories in Paris and Detroit are opening in summer 2019 and we are interested in having 40 hires secured by early April and all hires made by opening day. If you are interested in joining the most well-run garment factory in the business, contact us and we will arrange an interview.