Darlinghurst Garment Factory was founded 2017 in the USA and now permanently relocated in France as of 2019. DGF is the most innovative, sustainable, and humane fashion factory in the world, creating value for external brand partners by decreasing inventory costs and producing fashion just-in-time and in a lean manner. Pricing is done via a flat-rate retainer based on company size for a 6 to 24 month period alongside a flat-rate, per-design manufacturing fee per individual collection. DGF is revolutionising how manufacturing is done by offering sliding scale fees based on company size and offering highly flexible packages meant to help fast-growth fashion companies. This means that DGF brands do not have to produce in bulk for their e-commerce stores, and can rely on us to produce designs immediately for same, next day, or 1 week order shipping. We can handle everything from e-commerce orders to entire e-commerce store management with direct shipping from either London or Paris via our strategic partners FedEx and DHL. This is a revolutionary approach to fashion manufacturing that creates more value for our partners. We estimate brands can save an upwards of 75% on manufacturing costs by partnering with us and we also believe we can create a more sustainable and just fashion ecosystem with our approach. We are happy to accept financing from factoring companies and we serve clients across the knit and woven spectrum. DGF maintains category expertise in haute couture, cashmere knitwear, 100% silk, exotic leathers, and exotic furs.


  • Design Consultation Services for large and small companies alike.

  • Prototyping on Muslin.

  • Production-Ready Sample Garments: sew-by, top-of-production, and sales-ready.

  • Production-Ready Size Grading and Marking.

  • Production-Ready Patternmaking in both print and computer formats.

  • Production-Ready Tech Packs including CAD illustrations, sizing charts, grading information, and more.


  • Textile Sourcing - relationships with wholesalers and distributors in Seoul, Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, Milan, Paris, London, Shenzhen, and Mumbai.

  • Custom Fabric Sourcing from Abroad. 

  • Custom Fabric Development on Natural Fabrics Only. 

  • Marking and Electronic, Laser Cutting to reduce fabric waste. 

  • Cut/Sew Line Production - minimum of 200 pieces or 20 couture.

  • Samples

    • Athletic and Leisure wear

    • Lingerie Dresses

    • Lingerie Bodysuits

    • Lingerie Bras

    • Lingerie Underwear

    • Simple Bras

    • Simple Underwear

    • Baby Suits

    • Swimwear

    • Knitwear

    • Uniforms

    • Daywear

    • Suiting jackets

    • Suiting skirts and pants

    • Outerwear

    • Straightforward Eveningwear

    • Complex Eveningwear (Ruffles, Horsehair, Sequins).

    • Ball Gowns, Wedding Gowns, Debutante Gowns

    • Leather accessories

    • Non-leather accessories

    • Millinery

    • Clothing Tags

    • Embroidery

    • Embellishments

  • Leftover fabric recycling program - donate to local hospital for fashion and art projects. 

DGF is able to oversee haute couture production and outsourcing projects as well