European manufacturing and the “MADE IN FRANCE” label certification offers many benefits for American luxury fashion brands including but not limited to increased brand cachet and the best working conditions for all staff members with free, on site childcare for all. Retain the Darlinghurst Garment Factory for your luxury fashion brand. We utilize affordable and transparent pricing and can work with any production lot size. Savannah, GA services end in 1 July due to better tax incentives in Europe. In many cases, it is even more affordable to choose European production over and above British production, American production, Canadian production, and Chinese production due to our quality control processes. Lot quality and fair pricing is guaranteed with on site inspection of each and every garment. All design consultation and patternmaking takes place in New York City, ensuring full and complete quality control. All NYC based patternmakers and samplemakers speak full and fluent English and are provided full and free on site childcare. We are a woman owned and women run factory system with a woman controlled intricate fashion supply chain. All employees are working mothers who are treated with the utmost respect. 29 DGF employees are stay at home mothers in the USA working in a remote patternmaking capacity for the DGF via the platform. 9 DGF freelancers are working mothers in the USA working in the small Savannah, GA factory. Over 150 new jobs are being created in Paris.


  • Design Consultation Services for large and small companies alike.

  • Prototyping on Muslin.

  • Production-Ready Sample Garments: sew-by, top-of-production, and sales-ready.

  • Production-Ready Size Grading and Marking.

  • Production-Ready Patternmaking in both print and computer formats.

  • Production-Ready Tech Packs including CAD illustrations, sizing charts, grading information, and more.


  • Textile Sourcing - relationships with wholesalers and distributors in Seoul, Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, Milan, Paris, London, Shenzhen, and Mumbai.

  • Custom Fabric Sourcing from Abroad. 

  • Custom Fabric Development on Natural Fabrics Only. 

  • Marking and Electronic, Laser Cutting to reduce fabric waste. 

  • Cut/Sew Line Production - minimum of 200 pieces or 20 couture.

  • Samples

    • Athletic and Leisure wear

    • Lingerie Dresses

    • Lingerie Bodysuits

    • Lingerie Bras

    • Lingerie Underwear

    • Simple Bras

    • Simple Underwear

    • Baby Suits

    • Swimwear

    • Knitwear

    • Uniforms

    • Daywear

    • Suiting jackets

    • Suiting skirts and pants

    • Outerwear

    • Straightforward Eveningwear

    • Complex Eveningwear (Ruffles, Horsehair, Sequins).

    • Ball Gowns, Wedding Gowns, Debutante Gowns

    • Leather accessories

    • Non-leather accessories

    • Millinery

    • Clothing Tags

    • Embroidery

    • Embellishments

  • Leftover fabric recycling program - donate to local hospital for fashion and art projects. 

Special discounts are on offer for bulk orders and repeat, loyal clients

DGF is able to oversee haute couture production and outsourcing projects as well


E-Commerce Storage Prices Tiers for Apparel.

0-1000 pieces: $1,000/mo

1000-5000 pieces: $4,000/mo

5000-10,000 pieces: $6,500/mo

10,000-25,000 pieces: $8,000/mo

25,000-50,000 pieces: $10,000/mo

Shoes and Accessories Storage and Shipment Plans are Available By Request.

Direct Mailing to All Retailers Price = $2,000 Fee + Shipping Cost

Direct Mailing to Customers Price = Negotiable Percentage of Product + Shipping Cost